Monday, 1 July 2019

Secret Saviour

So as I may have mentioned I am getting married next year and my god there is a lot to sort! I know people always say weddings are stressful and there is a lot to sort but the extent of what you have to think about is madness. All the way from bridesmaid dresses, to table favours!

Luckily enough I have this incredible planner to help me through my endless list to do.

This daily goal planner has helped me list, sort and action so many tasks when my head has been overwhelmed. The journal comes in a couple of colours, grey, black and pink and has gold embossed writing which I find to be so cute. 

Within the planner there are areas to write down what you are grateful for, daily affirmations, tasks/ notes, space to write what was great about your day and you can also rate your day. 

I love how this journal has so much more to it than simply writing your to-do list. It asks you to think about your day and write about what positive things have happened throughout the day. I love that this makes you sit and reflect.

The other really cute thing about this journal is that it has pages of quotes from famous persons to inspire you to set goals and move forward with them. I just think this touch is lovely and really spurs you on. 

Overall I love the quality of this goal setting journal. It has really helped me to focus my priorities and set tasks that I can actually complete. 

If you are looking for a journal that will help you navigate through a vast amount of tasks then look no further!

If you want to check out this wonderful journal then take a look at Mal Paper's website:

Much Love
Laura xo

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Snapshots From Slovenia 

Over the last year I've been fortunate to travel to two extremely interesting places which have been very different in their own way. Both Dominican Republic and Slovenia were very beautiful countries and had such different cultures. 

Today I'm talking about my adventure in Slovenia and how relaxed their city Ljubljana is. 

Ljubljana has some of most beautiful buildings I have actually seen. The city itself is well kept, clean and utterly stunning. However, one thing you have to get used to is a LOT of bikes. The city is actually supposed to be one of the greenest, eco-friendly cities there is and to be honest you can see that it is. 

As well as the beautiful surroundings I can't speak highly enough about their food. 

It's actually crazy how cheap the food is in Ljubljana and how massive it is! I ordered the above pizza for myself not actually realizing how huge it was going to be on arrival. We ended up taking half of it back to the hotel we were staying at as it was impossible to eat. 

Oh and their ice creams were amazing. It was incredible being able to stand in the town centre surrounded by stunning architecture and watching the hustle and bustle pass by whilst tucking into this little delight. 

Can we just talk about the beer for a second? I don't actually drink beer in the UK at all really, but we went to a place called 'England Pub' which served Union beer with lemon flavouring. Oh my god it was incredible and I actually couldn't get enough. I am actually really sad that the UK doesn't sell it!

If I were to compare the city to somewhere that is more well known then I would say that it has a feel of Amsterdam. The rivers are beautiful and there are so many eateries and shops along their.

Travelling outside of the city centre we ended up at Lake Bled which was an amazing lake with an incredible view. The mountainside surrounding the area is well worth a look if travelling to the country. 

If you want a cheap trip away which has superb food, drink, culture and everyone speaks incredible English (we did try to learn Slovene, however, all I learnt was 'Pivo' which means beer!) Then I highly recommend going to Slovenia for a city break, I would go back there time and time again!!

- Laura xo